[talk] NYC*BUG Wednesday, Jan 6

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sat Jan 2 14:18:50 EST 2016

Welcome to 2016.

This January 6th's meeting will be an installfest, with a portion of
Kirk McKusick's "Introduction to the FreeBSD Open Source Operating
System LiveLessons" in the background.

February 3rd will be Ike on shell-fu, focused on the powerful
portability of the UNIX shell.

Other upcoming meetings include debuggers and the BSD init/rc system.

Wednesday, January 6 - BSD Installfest, various regulars
18:45, Stone Creek Bar & Lounge: 140 E 27th St between Lexington and 3rd


A chance to dip your toes in the *BSD waters!

Want to try out some embedded Hardware?

Novices, and Expert-Novices are all welcome!

This is a good opportunity to bring in a laptop (maybe with a spare
disk), or other hardware to hack on. There will be some embedded ARM
hardware on hand, (Beaglebone and RaspberryPI), for curious folks who
haven't touched these platforms.

Do you have a spare laptop lying around? Do you have a Beaglebone or
RaspberryPi rotting in your desk drawer? Lets get it lit with a *BSD!

Various levels of experienced *BSD users will be on hand to help get a
system up and running, and generally hack around on hardware.

Materials to bring:

    Some kind of computer
    Some kind of spare disk or even USB memory stick media (optional)

If you can, bring install media to share! (Nothing fancy, just grab
useful bits from your desk drawer.)

Materials which will be on site:

    ethernet networking gear (a small switch)
    Power Strips, and Extension Cords, etc
    A USB CD/DVD r/w drive, blank media
    A spare Beaglebone and RaspberryPI will be on site

Additionally, we will be streaming McKusick's "Introduction to the
FreeBSD Open Source Operating System LiveLessons" videos, complements of

This month, the meeting will be run by the usual cast of NYC*BUG attendees.

Regular NYC*BUG attendees range in experiences from Sys/Ops folks, to
committers and software developers from the BSD Projects.

There will definately be folks on hand with experience using
Beaglebone/RaspberryPI, Soekris, PCEngines ALIX/APU, and it almost goes
without saying, regular X86 architectures in server and laptop form.

NYC*BUG doesn't have record of many official installfests since 2004,
this should be fun!

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