[talk] NYC*BUG Wednesday, Jan 6

Thomas Levine _ at thomaslevine.com
Mon Jan 4 02:05:58 EST 2016

I'll bring screwdrivers and spare laptop hard drives, in case anyone
wants to install a new operating system on a laptop and still keep the
stuff that is presently on there.

On 02 Jan 14:18, George Rosamond wrote:
> Welcome to 2016.
> This January 6th's meeting will be an installfest, with a portion of
> Kirk McKusick's "Introduction to the FreeBSD Open Source Operating
> System LiveLessons" in the background.
> February 3rd will be Ike on shell-fu, focused on the powerful
> portability of the UNIX shell.
> Other upcoming meetings include debuggers and the BSD init/rc system.
> Wednesday, January 6 - BSD Installfest, various regulars
> 18:45, Stone Creek Bar & Lounge: 140 E 27th St between Lexington and 3rd
> Avenues.
> Abstract
> A chance to dip your toes in the *BSD waters!
> Want to try out some embedded Hardware?
> Novices, and Expert-Novices are all welcome!
> This is a good opportunity to bring in a laptop (maybe with a spare
> disk), or other hardware to hack on. There will be some embedded ARM
> hardware on hand, (Beaglebone and RaspberryPI), for curious folks who
> haven't touched these platforms.
> Do you have a spare laptop lying around? Do you have a Beaglebone or
> RaspberryPi rotting in your desk drawer? Lets get it lit with a *BSD!
> Various levels of experienced *BSD users will be on hand to help get a
> system up and running, and generally hack around on hardware.
> Materials to bring:
>     Some kind of computer
>     Some kind of spare disk or even USB memory stick media (optional)
> If you can, bring install media to share! (Nothing fancy, just grab
> useful bits from your desk drawer.)
> Materials which will be on site:
>     ethernet networking gear (a small switch)
>     Power Strips, and Extension Cords, etc
>     A USB CD/DVD r/w drive, blank media
>     A spare Beaglebone and RaspberryPI will be on site
> Additionally, we will be streaming McKusick's "Introduction to the
> FreeBSD Open Source Operating System LiveLessons" videos, complements of
> Pearson.
> This month, the meeting will be run by the usual cast of NYC*BUG attendees.
> Regular NYC*BUG attendees range in experiences from Sys/Ops folks, to
> committers and software developers from the BSD Projects.
> There will definately be folks on hand with experience using
> Beaglebone/RaspberryPI, Soekris, PCEngines ALIX/APU, and it almost goes
> without saying, regular X86 architectures in server and laptop form.
> NYC*BUG doesn't have record of many official installfests since 2004,
> this should be fun!
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