[talk] Choosing wifi networks on OpenBSD

Thomas Levine _ at thomaslevine.com
Sat Oct 1 19:03:15 EDT 2016

I wrote something to choose which wifi network to connect to.

    $ ./nljo -h
    USAGE:   ./nljo [-h] <interface>
    EXAMPLE: ./nljo iwn0
    You must create a file named /etc/hostname.<interface>.<identifier>
    ./nljo will automatically scan for nwids and check which files
    an appropriate nwid, and then it will symlink one of these files to
    /etc/hostname.<interface>. If multiple files match (perhaps because
    multiple nwids are available), the one with the lowest identifier
    be chosen. Consider the following file names.
      /etc/hostname.iwn0.zzz.GreyhoundTerminal FreeWIFI
    If /etc/hostname.iwn0.!home and /etc/hostname.iwn0.airport both
    reference the available nwids (possibly the same nwid), !home will
    probably win because it is lower in alphabetical order, though this
    depends on your locale.

(I chose the name by banging on my keyboard, in case you were

Surely someone has already written a better version of this program.
Can you point me to a more stable program with a similar interface?
Or does the base system perhaps already include a better approach
for choosing wifi networks?

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