[talk] Choosing wifi networks on OpenBSD

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sat Oct 1 22:25:15 EDT 2016

Thomas Levine:
> I wrote something to choose which wifi network to connect to.
> http://src.thomaslevine.com/nljo/artifact/1c512ccb16ffa2d2
>     $ ./nljo -h
>     USAGE:   ./nljo [-h] <interface>
>     EXAMPLE: ./nljo iwn0
>     You must create a file named /etc/hostname.<interface>.<identifier>
>     ./nljo will automatically scan for nwids and check which files
>     reference
>     an appropriate nwid, and then it will symlink one of these files to
>     /etc/hostname.<interface>. If multiple files match (perhaps because
>     multiple nwids are available), the one with the lowest identifier
>     will
>     be chosen. Consider the following file names.
>       /etc/hostname.iwn0.!home
>       /etc/hostname.iwn0.hackerspace
>       /etc/hostname.iwn0.zzz.airport
>       /etc/hostname.iwn0.zzz.GreyhoundTerminal FreeWIFI
>       /etc/hostname.iwn0.zzz.MacDonalds
>     If /etc/hostname.iwn0.!home and /etc/hostname.iwn0.airport both
>     reference the available nwids (possibly the same nwid), !home will
>     probably win because it is lower in alphabetical order, though this
>     depends on your locale.
> (I chose the name by banging on my keyboard, in case you were
> wondering.)    
> Surely someone has already written a better version of this program.
> Can you point me to a more stable program with a similar interface?
> Or does the base system perhaps already include a better approach
> for choosing wifi networks?


I need to dig it up, but there is some "wireless" port floating around
on github that Brian Conway (of Resflash) submitted to OpenBSD ports@
that was written in shell.

I looked into this recently... need to find the other related stuff.


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