[talk] opnsense box for home: APU2 or something else?

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Subject: Re: [talk] opnsense box for home: APU2 or something else?

N.J. Thomas:
> Looking to pull the trigger on an OPNSense box for home. Cheap and low
> power are probably my two main requirements. 
> Currently eyeing the APU2, which looks to be about $190. If anyone's got
> any other suggestions, I would love to hear it.

Not to jump into the vendor game, but $190 is high.



How low can you go

Check out the used hp t610 thin client 25 - 40 bucks

Dual core 64Bit cpu 4G ram and 16Gssd with 1G bge nic. both pci-e and compact pci-e . 

I have also used the t5630 and t5620 . If you dont want to run OpenSense all of the models
work well with NetBSD and OpenBSD as well. 

-- Mark Saad mark.saad at ymail.com

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