[talk] Using separate users for different programs

Thomas Levine _ at thomaslevine.com
Tue Apr 3 11:45:18 EDT 2018

Perhaps I should note that this would be an awefully short presentation
that would likely move quickly to discussion; I just presented it at
LibrePlanet and managed to fill only like one or two of my allotted
five minutes. The discussion is entirely the reason why I want
to present it, as I still don't understand why I have not seen something
like subdo before.

Matthew Story writes:
> Isn't it simpler to just install to a user-specific hier and the
> n use the
> setuid bit on the binary and set the owner to the de-escalated o
> wner?
I thought it should be, but apparently not.
I really hope that I'm missing something though.

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