[talk] IP Addressing

Sujit K M kmsujit at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 02:58:24 EDT 2018

>> I had a use case for discussion. If I was in a network of a ISP A and
>> run Youtube with a video. How much time Will it take for the Same
>> Youtube application switch, I have two ISPs Connection at home, when
>>  I move to an ISP B. It is taking unbelievable less time for me make any sense.
> Although agreed Youtube does Buffer Video and That might be reducing

I think this could be because of the servers/infrastructure youtube
has in place.
I know for sure we can have IP's statically assigned with ISP core
I know for sure that we can have DHCP for the Client end. Now what happens is
the ISP can use the statically allocated IP for Youtube videos. This helps in
two things QoS and Limiting Network Data in the Infrastructure. On top of this
Youtube can be using an Hong Kong based Server for a person in Asia. Now the
IP is cached in an google.hk server and it naturally buffers its
videos for this particular
ISP and What the end user sees is an very fast video load time.

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