[talk] Need Help installing favorite game Trek73

George Cooper fogisforfrogs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 18:22:29 EST 2022

Hi my name is George Cooper, I live in NJ, and I am looking for someone
that can help me install and run a favorite game of mine that was been
converted to FreeBSD.  I have downloaded VirtualBox to my Windows 7 PC, and
have installed FreeBSD to VirtualBox.  I am clueless about the next steps.
  Links to the source code and info about the origins of the game.
I have played Trek73 for years on DOSBox, with a DOS version of the game,
but I am wanting to use the FreeBSD version, which has other features,
called "ship builder" which would allow for custom ships.
I thought someone who knows how to create the commands or set up the game
files, which are downloaded to my Windows PC could help me in a Zoom call
or something.
Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.
George Cooper
973 953 1762 cell/text
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