[talk] upcoming BSDCons and more

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Jan 3 21:47:49 EST 2023

AsiaBSDCon and BSDCan CFPs are online.. both are happening in the first
half of the year, and I strongly recommend people looking into them.

Since these are potentially the first "post-COVID" cons, it's well worth
planning now to attend both/either. There's a lot of time to make up for
obviously, and online just doesn't do it.

I think the CFP is closed for AsiaBSDCon, but I believe the CFP for
BSDCan is still open.

Also, open a separate thread if anyone wants to propose a live,
in-person NYC*BUG meeting for the coming months. We don't (yet) have
space for it, but it's vital we start getting the wheel moving again.

I'm frankly fed-up with just chatting with people online... as I'm sure
many of you also are.


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