[talk] NetBSD/evbarm on Raspberry Pis

Robert Menes viewtiful.icchan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 14:07:35 EST 2023

Hey everyone!

I wanna give NetBSD another try on one of my spare Raspberry Pis, and I
have one using a PiTFT+ (a little 3.5" screen connected via the GPIO pins),
and a SmartyPi 2 case with a Pi 4 in it (with the display on the onboard

Has anyone used a connected screen on a Pi with NetBSD? I know external
displays via HDMI work, but a small, portable deck with the screen hooked
via the display connector or GPIO is way cleaner and easier to lug around.

Hope everyone is well, and hoping we can start doing in-person meets again,
even if it's just for food and drink.

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