[talk] Ori meeting last night

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu May 4 18:06:34 EDT 2023

It went very well.. prob hit around 17 people with a lot of new faces.

It was a significant step in the right direction. We need to continue to
map out future meetings and keep the momentum going. The future meeting
section on the www site needs to be populated a few months into the future.

I know there has been chatter about another NYCBSDCon. It's way too
early in the post-pandemic period (post?..) to plan anything like that.
We need to again have regular vibrant meetings with a lot of hands ready
to be involved. We are not there yet.

There is clearly a massive vacuum in user group activity in NYC, which
makes it all hard to read. Are we the last ones standing and the only
non-corporate events around? Is the past era of NYC user groups done? I
tend to think it's more the former, but it doesn't mean we jump into
grand plans. Let's build some basic consistency and see where it leads.

The one persistent issue to me is that space. We are in the second floor
of a bar and there is a lot of noise coming from the other side of the
floor, although Ori had no issues and it seems to have worked last night.

Ideally space in downtown Manhattan would work if possible, but maybe
because that's more convenient to those in Brooklyn.

If anyone has ideas on space, ping admin@ offline.

Huge credit (again) to Patrick who got things moving.. and found that
space. Plus getting the video online.. everyone says they are going to
do things like that, but in practice, Patrick always delivers.

Also if anyone has more proposals for meetings, ping admin@ or post your
idea to talk@, better yet.  We have some discussions and plans but we
always need more. If you haven't presented before, consider NYC*BUG your
launch pad. A number of people have done their first meetings at
NYC*BUG, then became fixtures at a number of other events.

It's almost always a relaxed environment for speakers, well, outside of
the Puppet meeting so many years ago...


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