[Tor-BSD] April update on the NYCBUG OpenBSD tor relay

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Sat Apr 6 21:50:22 EDT 2013

Hi tor-bsd --

Here's the latest update from me:
The NYCBUG OpenBSD relay (NYCBUG1) earned the status of Guard server 
after about a week online. This is without any knob turning whatsoever 
on an i386 machine without the Intel AES-NI extensions. I assume that 
moving to amd64 with a very modern CPU including the AES-NI instructions 
would improve performance, but the relay can saturate its entire 
allotted bandwidth as-is.
The relay is sending a little over 31 GB/day and receiving a little over 
30 GB/day.
Questions/Comments, please email the list so we can foster discussion.


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