[Tor-BSD] OpenBSD pf rules...

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Nov 26 21:30:04 EST 2014

>> 1.  blocking what shouldn't be listening, assuming "block" is high up in
>> your ruleset.  I have a box that localhost was at 127.0.0... other than
>> .1.  Therefore, a hidden service wasn't hidden.
> George,
> Is this a bug in tor where it only considers local?
> Or a configuration bug in the hidden service torrc?
> Or something else?

Good question.

If a web server is configured to listen on localhost, and the torrc sets
localhost for listening for hidden traffic, then it shouldn't.  But if
you set (instead of localhost) and that's not the localhost
address, then the problem arose.

I'd have to test it again, but in that case it was a FreeBSD jail.

But very likely it would make more sense to set your www config file and
the torrc to listen on localhost.

As I write... it does start sounding like a bug...


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