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Wed Nov 26 23:57:00 EST 2014

> On 27 Nov 2014, at 13:30, George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:
> teor:
>>> 1.  blocking what shouldn't be listening, assuming "block" is high up in
>>> your ruleset.  I have a box that localhost was at 127.0.0... other than
>>> .1.  Therefore, a hidden service wasn't hidden.
>> George,
>> Is this a bug in tor where it only considers local?
>> Or a configuration bug in the hidden service torrc?
>> Or something else?
> Good question.
> If a web server is configured to listen on localhost, and the torrc sets
> localhost for listening for hidden traffic, then it shouldn't.  But if
> you set (instead of localhost) and that's not the localhost
> address, then the problem arose.
> I'd have to test it again, but in that case it was a FreeBSD jail.
> But very likely it would make more sense to set your www config file and
> the torrc to listen on localhost.
> As I write... it does start sounding like a bug...
> g

If you can track down the specific circumstances which expose a hidden service (Is that the core issue? Or was it just disabled?), I would be happy to log a bug against tor, and chase down the offending line of code.

But if it's a misconfiguration that could happen to any proxy, there's not much tor can do.

In the small amounts of tor code I've read, 127./8 is considered local.

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