[Tor-BSD] Tor/BSD buildbot call for builders

Christian Sturm reezer at reezer.org
Fri Feb 20 16:13:11 EST 2015

On 02/20/2015 10:03 PM, Pete Wright wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Thanks for taking this on.  Are their particular releases/architectures
> you are feel will be helpful for testing?  I may be able to spin up some
> behyve instances for this, so if it looks like we need freebsd-9.x/10.x,
> or netbsd or openbsd coverage please let me know and i may be able to
> assist.

I think the first thing would probably to get various BSDs in. The next
thing would probably testing on different platforms and then different
versions. I could also imagine using different compilers, but think we
should first make sure that we have stable testers for all the BSDs.

> Also, to be clear you are interesting in providing additional test
> coverage for tor packages on these platforms correct?

I am not sure, that I understand the question correctly, but the first
thing is making sure that Tor builds on a BSD and then that the
test-suite runs through without errors on the BSDs. Of course this can
be extended further, but right now that's what this is about.

Maybe this can at some point also be useful for the Tor Browser on the
BSDs or other projects.

I hope that answers your questions. :)


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