[Tor-BSD] Tor/BSD buildbot call for builders

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Feb 20 16:03:01 EST 2015

On 02/20/15 12:27, Christian Sturm wrote:
> Hello,
> since jenkins.torproject.org only tests Windows, Linux, etc. I thought
> we as the BSD community could probably set up or own testing, so
> problems on the BSDs might be caught more quickly.
> For this reason I did q quick & dirty setup of a build bot master and
> a slave running FreeBSD. Nothing was tested yet, since so far there
> has been no commit.
> I talked to weasel about using jenkins first, but there are some
> worries about security, so I thought I'll just go for buildbot, which
> is easy to setup (requiring just Python with some modules).
> So I call for builders. All one needs is a (preferably) alway-on
> system running BSD. No root user required. Like I said the setup is
> really simple. One installs a buildbot-slave (via port/package or
> using 'easy_install buildbot-slave') and runs a command like that
> buildslave create-slave slave <buildername> <password>
> You will get a message about setting some infos and contact
> information, which you should do. Then you can run it with:
> buildslave start <directory the previous command created>
> Just send me the name and the password of your choice and tell me
> which BSD you are running, so I can set up the master side part.
> Also see (the slave part of):
> http://docs.buildbot.net/current/tutorial/firstrun.html#creating-a-slave
> The output can be seen here:
> As mentioned this is a quick and dirty setup and it's the first time I
> use buildbot. I am no member of the Tor Project, whatsoever. If this
> eats up your system (which it really shouldn't) I take no
> responsibility. Please make sure the user doesn't have more
> permissions than needed and DO NOT run this as root user. Also I can't
> guarantee everything will work all the time of course.

Hi Christian,
Thanks for taking this on.  Are their particular releases/architectures
you are feel will be helpful for testing?  I may be able to spin up some
behyve instances for this, so if it looks like we need freebsd-9.x/10.x,
or netbsd or openbsd coverage please let me know and i may be able to

Also, to be clear you are interesting in providing additional test
coverage for tor packages on these platforms correct?


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org
twitter => @nomadlogicLA

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