[Tor-BSD] Building Tor 0.2.7.x on OpenBSD

Michael McConville mmcconville at mykolab.com
Wed Jul 15 15:23:50 EDT 2015

Has anyone got this to work? I tried it on OpenBSD-current within the
past month, but it seemed that the system Libevent was too old and the
the Libevent 2 port presented a lot of problems.

The Libevent 2 port splits it into a bunch of different sub-archives,
and the Tor configure options for manual library dependencies seem
pretty brittle. I tweaked it some and got it to compile, but it crashed
at runtime.

I CC'd the port maintainer, Pascal Stumpf, with whom I've talked about
this briefly.

Ideally, we could submit a patch upstream to get more reliable and
robust dependency configuration flags.

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