[Tor-BSD] high-bandwidth relays

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 20:31:23 EDT 2015

The Tor CPU-bound bandwidth measurement features have been merged into the chutney and tor git master branches.

So the instructions for using them are now:
* checkout the latest versions of chutney and tor (no compilation needed)
* run tor/src/test/test-network.sh --chutney-path /path/to/chutney-dir --tor-path /path/to/system/tor --flavour basic-min --bytes 104857600

> Get it working, and you'll get an estimate of your maximum all-CPUs-bound bandwidth, somewhat ignoring threading (as it uses multiple tor instances). It's all done on a test network on localhost, so it ignores your upstream bandwidth entirely.


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