[Tor-BSD] Trigger Builds For tor buildbot?

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sat Mar 7 22:29:44 EST 2015

Pete Wright:
> On 3/7/15 3:29 AM, Christian Sturm wrote:
>> On 03/07/2015 05:46 AM, Pete Wright wrote:
>>> Would it be possible to trigger a manual build on the buildbot slaves? i
>>> think i fixed up some openbsd configs and wanted to test it.
>> Hi, I've done that, will check if I can find a nicer way to have it
>> initiated by the people setting up the buildslaves, but pretty busy this
>> weekend.
> thanks for kicking it - looks like my changes worked as i'm able to run
> autogen.sh and configure.  make is failing, but this is progress :)
> fwiw you have to create an /etc/profile on OpenBSD and have the
> following in it:
> # For buildbot-slave to work
> export AUTOCONF_VERSION="2.69"
> export AUTOMAKE_VERSION="1.14"
> adjust version string to suit.

But it still didn't build successfully as you can see in the log, but
certainly progress.

These /etc/profile settings should go on the www site also.  I assume
people will be able to figure out their versions of autoconf and automake...

Good stuff Petee


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