[Tor-BSD] June 4 Tor event for relay operators

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon May 23 16:03:05 EDT 2022

The Tor Project is going to host a 'sysadmin 101' event for new and 
prospective relay operators.

If you've 'been around' great.. join and help address questions. If you 
don't have a lot of experience running internet services, then this 
event was built for you.


Join us June 4th at 1900 UTC for new and prospective Tor relay and
bridge operators on the basic "sysadmin foo" required to contribute to
the network!

## Sysadmin 101 for new relay operators

So you want to contribute to the open-source Tor network by running a
relay or maybe a bridge?

The Tor network is the most important tool for evading surveillance and
bypassing internet censorship. And Tor relays and bridges are vital to
the health and integrity of the Tor network. Millions of users rely on
relays and bridges to stay safe, and how you configure and maintain that
relay or bridge is critical.

Volunteers aren't a nice enhancement. They are a core feature.

Running a relay or a bridge raises frequent questions:

* Should I run a relay or a bridge?
* Should I run a relay or a bridge from a residential/home internet
* Which operating system should I run for my Tor node (hint: the one
you are most comfortable with securing and maintaining)
* More generally, what does it take to keep that relay or bridge
operating safely, but both you and Tor users?

This workshop will start with a presentation approaching some of the
core issues that arise when running a Tor node. The session will move
into an "ask me anything" discussion to approach other common and less
common questions.

The 90-minute event will be geared towards current and prospective Tor
bridge and relay operators, particularly those relatively new to running
public internet services.

Seasoned Linux and BSD Tor operators will be attending the event ready
to address the discussion.

## How to join the workshop

The workshop is entirely free, and participants need to fill out this
registration form. The event will take place on BigBlueButton, an online
video conference platform, on June 4th at 1900 - 2030 UTC.

You can register here:

## Facilitators

The workshop will be facilitated by:

* George (@gman999) - Tor *BSD Diversity Project member, Serge bridge
directory authority maintainer, long-time relay operator and a wide
variety of other contributions.

* Kushal Das (@kushal) - RPM Tor maintainer and member of the Tor
Community team.

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