[nycbug-talk] OT: Satellite radio

Hans Zaunere hans
Fri Dec 31 11:44:56 EST 2004

> > Never used it myself, but if you try it, try Sirius (SIRI).  Not
> > have shares or anything :)
> How come?
> What, if anything is better about it?
> It seems XM has more subscribers so far.

I've heard they have better programming and exclusive shows (like Stern,
for example).  While XM has more subscribers total, SIRI's subscriber
base has been increasing much faster.  That, and the buzz around
satellite radio surrounds SIRI more than XM these days.

Please note, however, and DISCLAIMER:  I own stock in SIRI, not XM, so
these views could be skewed.  That said, I have done research on both
companies, and decided to go with SIRI (I was in at 2, out at 3, and now
back in - wish I would have held it since it's at 8 :(


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