[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD Success Stories (fwd)

george at rob.us.to george
Thu Sep 30 18:22:04 EDT 2004

I personally use procmail to filter my list mail (^list-id:.*nycbug.org>) 
away from my mail spool and put it into a local news spool - yes a
news spool.  It has made my life quite pleasant: i use my mail client
to read mail.  and then i use an old timey news client (nn or emacs'
gnus) to read all my mailing lists.  i like the separation.  i don't
need threading to read my mail spool, but do like it to read list
mail.  nn will get me through my list mail quickly too.  Granted a
NNTP server would do the same thing, but I don't think it's viable plus
you have to be online to use it (unless you know tin or soap...).


If the file does not exist, or if fascist access control policies prevent
you from finding the attributes of the file, this function returns nil.
- GNU Emacs List Reference Manual

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